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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new innovative technique providing a blueprint for the body to heal itself. If your body experiences damage from injury, then you naturally recruit stem cells, hormones, and other cell types to restore the body. However, as your body ages, it does not do this at the same speed or effectiveness. By injecting stem cells to a damaged area, this stimulates cell growth and promotes repair.


After injury or surgery, a scar naturally appears as your body’s mechanism of repair, resulting in cells with no function and a disfigured appearance. Stem cells can regenerate the area’s structure and function so no scar tissue will form in that area. Stem cells have these properties because they can transform into almost any cell type. Like the hundreds of cells types throughout the human body, there are several categories of stem cells. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) give rise to most of the connective tissues in your body; they from the cushion under the skin, tendon and ligaments, cartilage, and bones.

Through years of medical research, there are various possible mechanisms to obtain stem cells and utilize their powerful transformative and healing properties.

  • Amniotic fluid injection: Pharmaceutical companies generate their own stem cells that are highly tested and regulated. We only use companies that are FDA approved and proven success in getting our patients pain free and continue living their lives.
  • Bone Marrow: Your bones have their own supply of stem cells in the hip and leg bones. If you choose to use your own bone marrow, our surgeons will extract your bone marrow from the iliac crest of the hip bone. Then a small amount is drawn out with a needle, and spun down for several minutes to concentrate the stem cells.

(amniotic fluid injection):

  • Injection Process
    As a result of these medical innovations, thousands of people each year benefit from stem cell treatments to help their long term pain or injury. For ease of the injection process, a mixture of stem cells and local anesthetic (numbing agent) can be used. Depending on the site of the injection, an x-ray or ultrasound machine may be used as a guide to inject the cells into the area of concern.
  • Expected Results
    It has been our experience that most patients who underwent stem cell treatments sensed less pain and had no major complications. These treatments have been beneficial to patients with the following conditions:
    • Arthritis
    • Broken bones that are resistant to healing/setting
    • Wounds and skin damage that are difficult to close, our patients notice new skin in 6-8 weeks
  • Duration of Recovery
    The entire procedure usually takes less than 1 hour and is performed in the office. Most of our patients return to their daily activities (i.e. work, school, and other daily tasks) the following day. Depending on the size of your area of concern, this can impact your length of recovery.

Insurance information:

If you are considering PRP treatments, be sure to check your eligibility with your health insurance provider. There are a few insurance plans (including workers’ compensation) that provide partial coverage or reimbursement. However, if your health insurance does not cover these treatments we offer competitive prices and accept Care Credit as a financing option.