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Foot Shortening (Foot-Tuck™) Procedure

Foot Shortening (Foot-Tuck™) Procedure

Foot Size Reduction and Slimming

Have you ever wanted smaller more elegant feet? See if the Foot Tuck™ procedure is right for you.

Performed exclusively by Dr. Ray Lopez this cosmetic procedure can decrease your foot by an average of 1-2 shoe sizes, giving you the petite elegant feet you have always wanted.

What is the Foot Tuck™?

It is no secret that many individuals wish they were born with smaller feet. In a fashion focused culture, it can be a struggle for those with larger than average foot size to fit into the designer brands they love. Having been approached by many patients wishing they could somehow reduce their shoe size, Dr. Ray Lopez has combined multiple established surgical techniques into one innovative procedure to do just that. The Foot Tuck™ is a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure that will deliver patient a 1-2 shoe size reduction in the overall size of their foot. This procedure will not only decrease the overall length of the foot but also reduce the width giving it a small slimmer appearance providing the patient with the petite and functional feet they have always wanted.


The Foot Tuck™ is accomplished by small hidden incisions in specific areas in the throughout the foot. Through these small incisions Dr. Lopez is able to contour prominent bony structures affecting the width of the foot and reduce the length of both the heel and toes. Two screws are then utilized to hold the heel bone in its reduced position. Depending on the desired amount of shortening, temporary fixation may be placed in the toes which will later be removed in the office. A cosmetic closure is then utilized on the incision sites to minimise any visible scars. This procedure is performed in an ambulatory setting under general or MAC anesthesia, with a total procedure time of less than 2 hours. Patients can go home the same day and walk with the assistance of crutches remaining non bear weight on the operative side.


After surgery the patient is placed in a splint followed by an air walker for 6-8 weeks. Patients are able to ambulate with crutches however should remain non weight bearing for approximately 6 weeks. After that the patient will be able to begin partial weight bearing on the operative side as tolerated and transition to normal shoes at around 8 weeks. Due to the reconstructive nature of this procedure mild pain and swelling is expected post operatively however is managed with oral pain medication and elevation of the extremity.