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Calf Sculpting

Calf Sculpting

Calf Augmentation and Fat Transfer

Do you want fuller more defined calves and lower legs? See if Calf Sculpting is right for you.

This outpatient cosmetic procedure utilizes your body's own fat and the latest in high definition liposuction to fill and sculpt your legs giving you the sexy defined calves you have always wanted.


This minimally invasive procedure developed by Dr. Ray Lopez in conjunction with renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tarik Husain utilizes high definition liposuction combined with fat transfer in a similar technique to abdominal etching and the brazillian butt lift. Depending on the patients goals, definition and slimming is obtained by high definition liposuction of the calf and ankle region through 1-2 small (less than 1cm) incisions located directly above and below the calf muscle complex. Volume addition is achieved by utilizing fat from an unwanted area such as the abdomen or thighs which is then strategically injected above the calf muscles, providing for a full muscular and toned appearance. This procedure is performed in an outpatient setting and takes approximately 1-2 hours per leg. Some soreness can be expected for the first few days post-operatively but is managed with oral pain medication. Patients will have a light dressing on the leg and fat donor sites and will be able to return to normal activity immediately.

Why choose Calf Sculpting?

It is no secret that the lower legs and calf region is a notoriously difficult area to train and define. Long hours in the gym and rigorous exercise programs may not always deliver the aesthetic results that patients are looking for. This is because genetics play a huge role in the size and shape of your calves and lower legs, in many cases predisposing individuals to have what they consider to be less than aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is slimming the calves to remove the notorious “cankles” or adding volume and definition to give a full muscular tone, Calf Sculpting may be the answer.

Traditionally there was little that could be done to help define and shape the lower legs. Patients such as fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders looking to add more volume to their calves had few options other than implants to achieve their desired look. The traditional implant approach has numerous risks and is associated with a difficult recovery. Unlike implants, Calf Sculpting utilizes your own tissue which significantly decreases complications such as infection, compartment syndrome, and capsular contracture associated with calf implants, enabling not only the addition of size when desired, but also the option to define and shape the calves and lower legs.